Have you ever fancied about stepping into the shoes of an explorer and searching for some hidden treasures?
Khojing.com allows you to experience the thrill from the comfort of your room with our online treasure hunt.
Look for clues, take help from every scam, con, hustle, trickery, gambit, flimflam and stratagem and bamboozle whosoever you can think of to reach the final destination and win the prize.
Khojing.com is a website dedicated to online treasure hunt.
You just need to dig out answers to uncover the next clue and reach a step closer to the final prize.
Khojing.com is a website dedicated to online treasureHunt.

What is online treasure hunt/Scavenger hunt?

Wikipedia defines online treasure hunt or an online scavenger hunt as,
An online treasure hunt is one type of treasure hunt where players or treasure hunters search for answers to the questions given online. The answers or clues can be hidden anywhere on the Internet. Players use clues and hints given along with the question to get the answer. Once they enter the correct answer they are presented with the next question until they have finished all the questions.

Why online Treasure Hunt?

Apart from offering an exciting experience, an online treasure hunt also provides you with a very good learning opportunity. It enables you to explore new areas of which you might have been unaware. It increases your general awareness in a wide range of randomly selected fields giving you an extra edge in various competitions or events, which require your ability for a comprehensive knowledge.

Why Khojing?

There are online treasure hunts in almost every college fests, so why khojing.com?
Khojing.com is not a replacement for college fest treasure hunts. This instead stands by them providing you with more challenges to solve. However, unlike their short span, khojing.com is a permanent platform where you can enjoy the thrills of online treasure hunting anytime you feel like scratching your brain and doing some bizarre searches on Google, while catering to your mystically queer thoughts and ideas. Khojing.com offers a unique experience through treasure hunts based on different themes and format regularly. Our group of dedicated moderators ensure that a player is not stuck at some question while helping them in their quest for the treasure.

We have organized successful online treasure hunt events for -
  • MediaMeet 2014, Christ University - over 1900 participants from 13 states
  • Computer and Mathematics Society, SRCC Delhi (March 2014) - Over 900 participants

Got it!! What Now?

You can either take a tour of the website or go to the home page and use our map to navigate the website. But you first need to register on khojing.com via facebook to let us know who you are so that we can track your progress in the treasurehunt.

Who are behind this?

  • Abhishek Priyam
  • Neelesh Bani
  • Kunal Kaushal

Happy Khojing :)

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