• Google is your best friend. Don't be shy to use lots of search engines
  • Do have a look at the source code. Especially look out for the term 'hint' in the page
  • The name of the images can be a big hint sometimes
  • While answering capitalization and multiple spaces do not matter. 'Green Apple' is same as: 'grEen aPPLe' or 'greenapple'. No special characters are allowed.
  • Be decent on forums. Try to use them only when in desperate need.
  • Remember this is a competition and ruining any question by sharing answers is prohibited. Everyone is being monitored. Any discrepancies will imply immediate disqualification.
  • Prizes will be shipped only to Indian addresses.
  • At the time of giving prizes we reserve the right to ask for your identification.
  • Any suspicious activty like sharing answers or solving together will get you banned from the website or disqualified and barred from getting any prize/goodies
  • The decision made by khojing would be final

  • Information about the map:
  • - The green circle around a number means you have already solved this question. A yellow one means these questions are open for you to attempt.
    - At various instances, there will be more than 1 path opened for you: for example after solving question 2 you can either attempt question 3 or question 4. Note that every path is perfectly balanced though they have their own pros and cons.
    Prizes and winners will be decied by Media Meet'14 team